Create a Video Surveillance CCTV System
with a PC, Tablet or Phone in your Browser


Camera Server


Camera Viewer


What is iCamSpy?

iCamSpy is a very easy to use Web App, which can turn your PC, tablet or phone (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux) into a remote video and audio surveillance CCTV system, you can access using just a web browser.

100+ Usage Scenarios

 Monitor your home and business remotely.

 Watch and listen to your baby and kids.

 See what your dogs or cats are up to.

 Stay alert for sick family members.

 Watch your vehicle and valuable cargo.

Step #1

To setup a video surveillance CCTV system with iCamSpy, first create a new iCamSpy account. Next, open the iCamSpy website on two devices (PC, tablet or phone). One device will be the video surveillance camera and the other the camera video viewer.

Step #2

Login with the device you want to use as a video surveillance camera and select Start Camera Server from the iCamSpy app menu. This device needs to have a camera and microphone. You can place it anywhere and leave it running 24/7.

Step #3

To view the surveillance video from your camera server, login on a second device and select Start Camera Viewer from the iCamSpy app menu.

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